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AURORA - Animal

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Director: Tim Mattia
Producer: Jack Winter
Editor: Jennifer Kennedy @ LaLim Edit
Exec. Producer: Brandon Bonfiglio
Production Co: London Alley
DP: Douglas Porter
Colorist: Marshall Plante @ Olio Creative

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You are, the victim,
The victim of my love,
I dangle up on rooftops, before I push you off
I stand at the headlights, looking for a corner where I can’t be found,
With a goddess in my right eye, watching every lover on the battleground
You’re hunting for love, killing for pleasure
Lost in a concrete jungle
If I am alone, make me a stranger
Lost in a concrete jungle
I’m an animal, animal.
Hunting for an animal, animal,
Hunting for love, killing for pleasure,
Lost in a concrete jungle (he-lay)
Isolation makes me hungry, will you stay here till I sleep,
You’ll return home in the morning, but you never really leave,
I keep the memories alive the weight upon my shoulders felt so divine
With a goddess in my right eye, watching every step I take before I die
You’re hunting for love, killing for pleasure
Lost in a concrete jungle
If I am alone, make me a stranger
Lost in a concrete jungle (he-lay)
I’m an animal, animal.
Hunting for an animal, animal,
Hunting for love, killing for pleasure
Lost in a concrete jungle, (helay)
Let me become and animal,
Let me become and animal,
‘Cos when you are an animal, you lose control
You’re hunting for love, killing for pleasure
Lost in a concrete jungle
If I am alone, make me a stranger
Lost in a concrete jungle (he-lay)
I have become an animal, animal,
Hunting for an animal, animal,
I have become an animal, animal,
Hunting for an animal, animal,
Hunting for love, killing for pleasure
Lost in a concrete jungle, (helay)
I’m animal, animal,
hunting for an animal
I’ve become an animal, animal,
hunting for an animal, animal, OH-HO



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  • Hermetic symbolism, the Egg of Ftah coming out from the mouth, not to speak about the cannibalism agenda. She signed her deal with the kabbalist masonic music industry. Love the Song though.

    ArcheologiamistericaArcheologiamistericaVor Tag
    • Hermetic symbolism is very complicated and in my opinion AURORA is doing something else. There are two strings of iluminati and it seems that AURORA choosed the dark side. I saw her showing frenetically double baphomet handsign. And I can see her self destructing ilusion of herself. I read that AURORA is doing a lot of work for the game industry also. Games of war. Yes war is always a motor for a lot of money. War needs heros of power do you understand? Bad needs heros of power do you underständ? Does a friendly forest or a natural beeing of nature need heros? I do not know any heros of peace. Music or sound is pure deep forcing energy. The hierarchy of freemason do know the importance of heros of entertainment and amusement of the masses very well. We have to understand this very well, because for them, the dark ones, this is one of the most important tools for manipulating the masses, whose people mostly understand nothing about these things. So, what can we see in this video? We can see very sad, bad, worst, dangerous, destructive things. But all of this is wrapped and enlightened in curiously styled colors, fashion, dances, lights, movements and sound. This will be very impressive and will set new roots inside a lot of souls. And this is the real backdrop of this kind of music industry development. So I guess, the most viewers will be fascinated of this show and we can look at a lot of very positive feedbacks to this video here on this channel as an example. Look at the worldwide development of dark things and how less resistance the mankind have against these destructive developments. Why? Because deep brainwash over years. Brainwash which is definetly not easy to detect and to understand.

      Abrasax SophiaAbrasax SophiaVor Tag
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  • Thank you for your kind answer. Evolving is very important and good. But development can be in two directions. The music industry is working with the ilumination of old temple wisdom, but in an devasting style which is dangerous for mankind souls.The creatures behind are showing very strong pictures but this pictures are extremely and very dangerous because the energy of this pictures ist deep dark and destroying i and fast or also slow way depending to the feelings and emotional power. I am knowing the two sides of mankind evolution. Each man and women have the right to free will and can do a lot of things but also is responsible for all thinking, speaking and doing. AURORA is a very experienced soul I think, in other ways it is not possible in my opinion to make singing art like she is doing. The dark side allways will say dark stuff is freedom, only a game, ironic, the true wisdom and so on. The dark side is saying the truth and not the truth and this is the dangerous thing. I have seen mongolian music artists, which are singing from real life how life is in reality. They are showing deep emotional things about ancient times and current time of life. They are showing the things which are bound with heavy side of life, with the rough nature of life. But they are trying to show also the deep and higher sense of life which is very important to give this to the listeners and people. For me this is the real spirit of real art. Art should help the people who look at this work, also to evolve. I have made the the experience that it does not help the people to show them too much things from the dark side of life and to do not show the light side of life which is more important for all. The people are very hungry for this kind of healing souls. But of course this is not the style of the modern music industry. I wish you all the best. (I have no instagram .... sorry)

    Abrasax SophiaAbrasax SophiaVor 6 Tage
    • It's okay, don't have an Instagram either. I had to have my friend show me. Anyways, thank you for your input, it helped me realize what you meant.

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AURORA - Animal