Love isn’t enough

you were my girl , I took you into my world
Not like in the movies
When you were my girl
I know that I rocked your world
I won’t believe it when you say love isn’t enough
She’s the girl who never goes home
She takes her time to put her make up on
She don’t believe in right or wrong
She lives to be the center of attention
When our lips were
For me there was never nobody better
In the sun or rain
Wherever .. Oh baby ...
Now if you were my girl u know I’d love you the same
Even though you’d never change
I’d be there again
To have your sweet body on my skin
I’d do anything to feel that face again
Is this what you love how you gave up
Can’t believe you disappeared
That was so messed up ...
I won’t believe it when you say love isn’t enough
Music & production: George Voudouris
lyrics/melody : drEw (nemo studios)



  • this is incredible

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  • Very good song ,good performance & video!!

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Love isn’t enough